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To do it all? Or to do nothing at all? What a wonderful dilemma!

The sea gives free rein to all of your desires like a little canoe or boat trip to go to meet the dolphins, visit the coves still deserted or explore the coral reefs and its infinite riches. Thrills seekers? The island offers you tailor-made programs : water skiing, fishing, snorkeling, windsurfing, sailing or knee-boarding.

Not feeling the sea? Your stay will still be animated by different activities of all kinds, ideal for sports fanatics : a 50 m long Olympic swimming pool, golf practice, beach volleyball, table tennis, trampoline, snooker, and archery.

For nature lovers, the 30 acres of primary forest and its surroundings are true sanctuaries for the different endemic species : blue-eyed lemurs, birds, bat, butterflies, chameleons, iguanas, geckos and more.

Nosy Saba is about calmness and relaxation. Nothing more relaxing than a little lazing on the deckchairs by the pool while sipping a glass of Piña Colada. A pleasure not to be missed! On the island, the days follow but are not alike. Enjoy an afternoon to pamper yourself in the magnificent 300 m² spa by letting you go in the hands of the masseuses. They will give you the best care of essential oils of Ylang Ylang or Ravintsara. Recharge your batteries and discover the benefits of the whirlpool and the Jacuzzi. Body and facial care will also bring you a pure momentof well-being. Nosy Saba, it’s do it all or do nothing at all, it’s up to you !

Nosy Saba excursions

The tour of the island by boat allows you to discover Nosy Saba from a different perspective. You will see the magnificent eastern tip of the island, the “birds beach”, cliffs, incredible rocks sculpted by the ocean waves and creeks to the white sand beaches that the primary forest will unveil.
You can also discover the island’s magnificent seabed while snorkeling, and if you are lucky, the dolphins will be swimming alongside.

45 minutes away from Nosy Saba, Analalava is the last village to cross before reaching the islands of the Radama’s archipelagos.
You will appreciate the charm of a former colonial sub-prefecture and beauty from a different angle. You will discover the very modest and traditional way of life of the inhabitants, the typical restaurants and bistros, the alleys, etc.
You will be able to continue the visit by going up the different branches of the Loza’s river which connects Analalava and Antsohihy, and you will discover the mangroves’ particular vibes

Nosy Lava (a former prison), located 25km off Analalava, northwest of Madagascar, is a small Malagasy island famous for its prison. A correctional house was built there by the French in 1911.

As the new millennium approached, before the country’s independence, all convicts imprisoned who had served more than 10 times their sentences were released. In 2002, the prison was officially closed.
Nosy Lava island also houses Sakalava Kings’ tombs. Its old lighthouse is worth a visit. From there, the view extends towards Nosy Saba in the North, towards Analalava in the East, and points to Maromony in the South. There are three villages on the island and about 600 inhabitants.

 To find out more, discover this book by Roland Vilella

Antany Mora island is an hour from Nosy Saba. Approached by the North, it presents numerous rocky islets covered with a rich maritime avifauna. Its long beach in the North is occupied by one of the most important shark fishermen camps of this Northwest Coast. The island is now home to shark fishing (whose part of the production is attributed to Japan), tuna, bonito and king fish, which they resell to mediators who will carry the fish towards the mainland or to Nosy Be.

It is also a place of nesting birds that occupy the various islets. A small ecolodge designed for deep sea fishing enthusiasts is under construction.

Sahamalaza’s peninsula is located 30 minutes from Nosy Saba, between Sambirano’s humid forest region in the north and the dry deciduous forest area of the West known as South Sambirano. This area is home to trees reaching 30 m in hight. The National Park ensures the protection of the different species of lemurs living in the forests. Among others, the endemic blue-eyed flavifron lemurs, the endemic nocturnal Lepilemur Sahamalazayus.

The national park has a surface area of 26,035 ha divided into several plots: marine, terrestrial, and coastal.

Particular species:
– 08 species of lemurs
– 41 species of birds
– More than 160 registered fish species including the Manta Ray and the White Shark
– Over 210 corals and invertebrates
– 03 species of sea turtle …and more

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