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Nosy Saba Island is protected by the Malagasy National Office for Environment because of its very rich fauna and flora.

During boat rides, it is not rare to encounter sea turtles approaching the coast to lay their eggs or playful dolphins which would be delighted to navigate along with the boat!

More than 40 species of birds (parakeets, guinea fowls, wild ducks and herons,…), butterflies in all colors, blue-eyed lemurs, 6 species of very rare geckos, 3 species of chameleon, big bats, iguanas… inhabit Nosy Saba. Not to mention sea animals which live in perfect harmony with men.

30 acres of primary forest, with some 600-year-old ferns, huge trees, hundreds of palm trees, coconut palms, mango trees and filaos, but also the steppe and lakes make Nosy Saba’s environment exceptional.

Nosy Saba is located in UNESCO’s Radama Islands Marine Biosphere.
A 30-minutes boat ride from Sahamalaza National Park :

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The island has two types of coral reefs, three types of ecosystems, and a large area of sea grass. A research was recently conducted on the existence of DUGONG, an endangered herbivorous marine mammal.


A high density of endangered whalesharks is observed at the tip of Analalava and Nosy Saba. The private island collaborates with local and international organizations for the protection and conservation of these species while promoting the development of responsible tourism in the marine areas.

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