Exceptional sites

The island offers a great diversity of beaches and landscapes spread over a periphery of more than 4 km and other exceptional sites to discover within an hour of boat.

Hazomanga : Standing stones built as a tribute to Malagasy people and its history and traditions. Located on the highest point of the island which gives a breathtaking view over the landscape, it is the perfect place to admire the eco-lodge, and to enjoy sunsets.

Radama Archipelago : the archipelago of the Radama virgin islands and its four main islands : Nosy Berafia, the biggest island, Nosy Antany Mora, Nosy Kalakajoro, Nosy Valiha. Magnificent coral islands as well : Nosy Ovy, Nosy Lava, and Nosy Antanambao and of course Nosy Saba. Each island is a small paradise surrounded by deserted beaches, lush vegetation and turquoise sea.

« Vitasoa » beach : where the sea is clearest, fish and corals can be visible to the naked eye.

Sahamalaza National Parc : Reserve of 26,035 hectares located between the bays of Narinda and Ampasindava. Reachable by boat from Nosy Saba, it is home to many endemic species. Depending on the season, it is possible to admire the show of humpback whales which come to reproduce and give birth in the calm waters.

Nosy Lava : Located 45 minutes by boat from Nosy Saba, a site not to be missed as it was a former prison island. The inhabitants, furthermore, are descendants of former detainees.

→ To find out more, read this book by Roland Villella

Discover Nosy Saba Island in pictures

Paysage romantique de l’île
Paysage romantique de l’île
Paysage romantique de l’île
Le parc National de Sahamalaza
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